4 Easy Steps to get the DJ your Wedding Deserves


It's your big night. Your friends, family, their partners and even your drunk uncle from Hobart are there to celebrate your big day. You stroll out onto the dance floor for your first dance together as a couple, it’s beautiful, the song that was played while you first met plays as you dance holding each other tightly. The song slowly fades as everyone cheers, the DJ your cousin Dazz recommended winks your way and mouths "trust me".

"Don't break my heart, my achey break heart" booms through the speakers and in seconds his song choice has destroyed the atmosphere and left a bad taste for all attending and killed any motivation they previously had of wanting to join the dance floor.

Choosing the right DJ for your wedding is essential to ensure your reception has the atmosphere you desire and the dance floor continually full throughout the night.


1. Clarify your expectations.

Before trawling through the internet forums and search engines, attending wedding fairs or interrogating your friends, evaluate how you would like your reception to unfold.

Here are some key considerations:

  • The age groups present

  • Your taste in music

  • How much you are willing to spend

  • How outgoing you would like your DJ and ultimately your dance floor to be

  • If you need the DJ to MC your event

  • How hands on you want to be with the music selections

  • If there are any special considerations you have for the night


2. Research, research, research.

Now with your clear goal in mind it is time to begin the information trawl. Talk to everybody about everything about your expectations and take on board their suggestions.

Friends and family are obvious go-tos for this information but do not be afraid to contact others who have hired their services in the past. Organisations often display testimonials on their web-page with the contact information of those who have provided it. Alternatively, do not be afraid to ask an organisation for a previous client's details for an honest evaluation of their services.

However, do be weary of asking an organisation directly about the quality of their services as they will likely state they provide an excellent service and can handle any event. 


Instead try to find evidence of their work if possible through testimonials, pictures and video of previous events. Try to find evidence of events that closely resemble the day you wish to have and see if they meet your expectations.


3. Contact and meet up with your best picks.

Generally, your gut feeling about an organisation or DJ is a good guide. However, to ensure your night is destined to be an unforgettable success request a meeting with your DJ.

The meeting will allow you to get a feeling for the DJ and have a conversation between you and your DJ to provide you with their expert knowledge, clarify expectations and ultimately determine if they are a good fit.


4. Pick the DJ for your event.

The step is easy as it sounds, ring them up and organise the event and relax by knowing you've gone through a thorough process selecting your DJ and not left your event to risk.

Also finally, remember to post your thoughts about the event afterward as a testimonial to help others who are going to be going through the same stress as you!