Our professional DJs are only equiped with the most high-professional sound and lighting equipment. Each DJ will arrive at your event with a soundsystem that will fill the room with an unrivaled atmosphere and dancefloor experience.

Our lighting and extras such as cordless microphones and smoke and bubble machines are all industry standard and truly make your dancefloor a party. We are open to customise what lighting and extras you would like to suite your event and provide these at no extra cost as we believe your night should be the best it should be. 

All music is updated on a monthly basis with the newest hits from the previous month and has been complied with APRA licencing standards. 

All equipment has also been chosen for its sleek and elegant design as to best fit your special event and is checked on a bi-weekly basis. Additionally, all DJs are equiped with backups of all equipment to eliminate the risk of a techincal fault and public liability ensurance to ensure your event runs smoothly.